Prices and Services

Funeral arrangements

These are within your own home or within the offices at Redcar and Marske. Funeral arrangements vary in time but I always suggest an hour and a half to go through the necessary arrangements and required documentation. Once the arrangements have been made you will receive an estimate of the charges, including those made on your behalf. A time and date for the funeral will also be agreed within this to suit your requirements. This will all be issued to you in writing, usually 24 hours after the arrangements have been made.

Cost of a funeral

We are part of the fair funeral pledge and this is something we all believe in at Roseberry Funeral Service. in order to help you make the best choice, our funeral prices have been included below:

Direct Cremation/ Burial – £1,750

A direct cremation or burial with 3rd party costs included (including fees for non ownership graves). A small number of people may attend but no service will be held.

Direct funeral with a service – £2,000

All third party costs are included. A full funeral service at local crematorium with a 10am service time. No funeral cars, visiting of deceased allowed.

Simplicity funeral – £2,550

A simple cremation or burial funeral service. Includes all 3rd party costs for cremation, interment fee for plots pre-purchased or non ownership fee for burial.  Funeral includes service at 10am, hearse and all professional services.

The Cleveland – £2,890

Funeral service to take place at a time and date mutually agreed. Includes professional fee, transfer to Roseberry Funeral Service, embalming, hearse and bearers and all third party costs for cremation.

The Roseberry – £3,100

Our signature funeral service – Includes mutual agreement on time and date of funeral service, all of our professional services, hearse and one following limousine, coffin and embalming  with all 3rd party costs for cremation.

The Poppy – £2000 plus 3rd party

A specially designed funeral package for all people that have served in our Armed Forces (including National Service). Includes all professional services, hearse and one limousine, main Gazette notice, and floral coffin spray. Please note, third party costs are in addition.

Should standard bearers be in attendance at the funeral service a donation will be made to The Royal British Legion.

Coffins and Caskets

Roseberry Funeral Services offers a lovely range of coffins and caskets to meet all needs. This will be discussed at funeral arrangement. Dressing of the deceased can be within their own clothes or within a gown supplied by ourselves.

Order of Service

These are the booklets that hold information about the funeral service and can be made personal with photographs of the deceased and poems. Myself and my staff are on hand to help you chose what would be appropriate for your needs and offer advice if needed.

Visiting the deceased

At Roseberry Funeral Service we have dedicated visiting rooms. The visiting rooms are calm and tranquil in decoration and offer a place for all faiths. Visiting the deceased is by prior appointment.


This is also known as hygienic treatment. This will be discussed at the time of arrangement


There is a vast selection of flower arrangements to choose from. These will be delivered to us on the day of the funeral. After the funeral services, if you so wish, the floral cards that accompany the flowers will be collected together for keepsake.


If you chose to have donations in lieu of flowers then we would be happy to collect these for you and send them off to your chosen charity.


Many people are now looking to create a different kind of funeral service. One way to do this is to have a very personal transport for their loved one. There are a wide range of vehicles that have been specifically designed to be a hearse. For more information please do not hesitate to ask.

Newspaper announcements

We would be pleased to help compile obituary notices for local and national newspapers, and to place these on your behalf.

Online memorial

A growing number of people are now looking to remember their loved one online. An online memorial, through any one of our services, is free of charge.

Choice of Crematorium

There are two Crematoriums that are local to us. These are Kirkleatham Crematorium and Burial Park and Teesside Crematorium (also known as Acklam). The benefits of each can be discussed within the arrangement or when discussing a pre-payment plan. Should you wish to visit the website of each please click on the links below:

Kirkleatham Crematorium and Burial Park

Teesside Crematorium  and Cemeteries 

Urns, scatter tubes and caskets

At Roseberry Funeral Service we offer a range of caskets, scatter tubes and urns. This also includes our bio urns range. For more information please speak to myself or one of my team.

Pre-Payment Plans

Roseberry Funeral Service is proud to work in partnership with Safe Hands to provide a selection of funeral plans to meet all needs. Please see our Pre-payment plans section for more details.