Create your own In Memoriam Online Tribute Fund

In partnership with the memorial website charity MuchLoved we can provide you with an easy to use way of creating a beautiful Tribute website in memory of your loved one that can also be used to fundraise for Roseberry Funeral Services.

We are extremely grateful for all support towards our work and to the great many people who have decided to fundraise In Memoriam as a special way of paying tribute to your loved ones and of providing a positive legacy for the future.

What is a MuchLoved Memorial Website?

MuchLoved is the bereavement charity set up to help people create beautiful, personalised memorial websites in memory of their loved ones.

You are provided with your own unique website where you can easily add and display a whole range of information and memorabilia including stories, messages of condolence, pictures, music and even video clips. Every website can be personalised with a range of sensitive designs to choose from and a number of different website sections to build such as a Gallery and Timeline and even an online diary for your thoughts.

An important ethos of the MuchLoved memorial website service is that all the websites are designed to allow people to remember in private if they wish, so they are not initially made public or profiled anywhere on the internet. It is left to you to decide whether you wish to enable public access and whether or not other people are allowed to contribute to your site.

How do you set one up?

Select the Roseberry Funeral Services memorial page by clicking here 

Once you have created your memorial website, it is initially displayed as a ‘Trial’ site so that you can test the service for up to a couple of weeks and start to add photos and other information without having to commit to keeping it. In other words, you can find out for yourself whether creating a memorial website is right for you and at any stage during this trial period you can upgrade to keep your memorial website hosted online free of charge for 10 years.

How do you collect donations on the memorial?

When you create your memorial site you can choose to enable donations to Roseberry Funeral Services and if you do this, a ‘Donate’ option will appear on your memorial to all visitors to your site. This will then direct anyone wishing to make a donation to our secure online donate page where they can then make their payment in memory of your loved one.

All these donations will then immediately appear on your tribute site along with a running total and any messages of support left by your donors.

Can Gift Aid be reclaimed for Roseberry Funeral Services?

Yes. All donors are asked to sign a Gift Aid declaration if they can during the donation process. If so, the donation has Gift Aid reclaimed automatically on your behalf adding approximately 25% on top of each donation to your Tribute Fund. Easy and successful receipt of Gift Aid is one of the reasons why collecting in memory donations online is so beneficial.

How to encourage donations to your online tribute fund?

You are provided with an ‘Invite Manager’ on your MuchLoved website which allows you to send specific email invitations to friends, family and colleagues so that they can visit your website and also consider making a donation.

On your website you can add a personalised message about why you are fundraising in memory and you can also set a fundraising target if you wish.

You can also let more people know about your loved one and your tribute fund by making submissions to internet search directories or by adding your website address to forums or networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. It is left up to you to choose whether you want to fundraise from just close family and friends or to widen the net as much as possible.

Fundraising in partnership with Roseberry Funeral Services

Your support and fundraising efforts are invaluable to us and we would like to thank you for considering creating your own online tribute fund in memory of your loved one.

When you first set up your website, you will be asked whether you wish to share your details with Roseberry Funeral Services. By agreeing this, we will be able to contact you to say thank you and also to keep in touch regarding the progress of your Tribute Fund.