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A little background insight

I am writing this first blog entry for Roseberry Funeral Service, to go through a bit of my experience of females within the funeral industry as this is close to my heart. I started as a Mortuary Technician and then onto Funeral Director. Within both these roles the women out numbered the men, but why is this? There are no statistics to show the number of men and women within the industry so we can only speculate why. Going from my own experience, working with the deceased has always been what I wanted to do and I am passionate about it. For me I always knew that I wanted to be either a mortuary technician or a funeral director. I have been lucky enough to do both roles. Looking at women in these roles, women vastly outnumber the men. When I was doing my qualifications there were around five women to each man. I worked hard to become a qualified mortuary technician and then again as a funeral director. This was something I wanted to do, and this is also where I see the difference between some men and women. The women I have encountered within these roles wanted to be there and didn’t happen into these job roles. Continue reading